Club history: The Void FC
The Void FC
30 Apr 14406HobGoblinAppointed as managerChampionshipColossus
30 Apr 14406HobGoblinClub renamedChampionshipColossus
03 Mar 13344kassrainferdManager resignedChampionshipColossus
14 Dec 123238kassrainferdDivision relegationPremiershipColossus
11 Jan 12286kassrainferdAppointed as managerPremiershipColossus
10 Jan 12286LillerpoolSacked as managerPremiershipColossus
21 Oct 112638LillerpoolDivision promotionChampionshipColossus
21 Oct 112638LillerpoolDivision championChampionshipColossus
12 Aug 112538LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 1Colossus
12 Aug 112538LillerpoolDivision championDivision 1Colossus
03 Jun 112438LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 2Colossus
25 Mar 112338LillerpoolDivision championDivision 3Neural
25 Mar 112338LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 3Neural
14 Jan 112238LillerpoolDivision championDivision 4Neural
14 Jan 112238LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 4Neural
05 Nov 102138LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 5Neural
05 Nov 102138LillerpoolDivision championDivision 5Neural
27 Aug 102038LillerpoolDivision promotionDivision 6Neural
05 Jul 10209LillerpoolAppointed as managerDivision 6Neural
27 May 101927crd365Sacked as managerDivision 6Neural
06 May 101915crd365Appointed as managerDivision 6Neural
12 Aug 091522MeoldmuckerManager resignedDivision 6Neural
27 May 091418MeoldmuckerAppointed as managerDivision 6Neural
26 May 091418Kev4RealManager resignedDivision 6Neural
05 Dec 081138Kev4RealDivision promotionDivision 7Neural
26 Oct 081116Kev4RealAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural
25 Oct 081116welsher66Manager resignedDivision 7Neural
12 Feb 08730welsher66Appointed as managerDivision 7Neural
28 Dec 0774marioxaveriusSacked as managerDivision 7Neural
17 Nov 07620marioxaveriusAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural
17 Nov 07620marioxaveriusClub renamedDivision 7Neural
08 Oct 07537scyphonxSacked as managerDivision 7Neural
02 Oct 07534scyphonxAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural
02 Oct 07534scyphonxClub renamedDivision 7Neural
14 Sep 07524ivoxarManager resignedDivision 7Neural
05 Jun 0746ivoxarAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural
05 Jun 0746ivoxarClub renamedDivision 7Neural
28 Mar 0736heatr006Sacked as managerDivision 7Neural
25 Feb 07228heatr006Appointed as managerDivision 7Neural
25 Feb 07228heatr006Club renamedDivision 7Neural
23 Feb 07228YuenlonSacked as managerDivision 7Neural
21 Jan 0728YuenlonClub renamedDivision 7Neural
21 Jan 0728YuenlonAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural
31 Dec 06136jamieollertonManager resignedDivision 7Neural
30 Oct 0611jamieollertonAppointed as managerDivision 7Neural