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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.
Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.
Go head to head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.
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reserve games 8th 15th
Cancelled. Sent an invite for the 15th.
BeastishKingReserve Matches
David Malone - Striker
Because our most recent stadium expansion is still a few weeks away from completion, and with an eye to our balance sheets, the Board at have agreed to the manager's request ...
stripey_2ndTransfer Forum for Database 1
reserve games 8th 15th
Invite sent for the 8th.
BeastishKingReserve Matches
Looking at the ratings its a bit of both. Although there is no relegation in the final season!!
TrickyukGeneral Discussions
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