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Blog entry
Season 25, The new challenge
submitted by Jjack10 1458 days 3 hrs 2 mins ago
Hi all and welcome to our blog of manager Jjack10 and his new challenge with Div 8 team Fruity Pebbles. We were able to catch some time with manager Jjack10 for this interview even though he is very busy with his new club after revealing to us that he has cut the wage bill from 63K to 52K.

We spoke to him at the WWE stadium and this is what he had to say:

Hi Jjack10, Many thanks for joining us during this busy time for yourself, What made you decide to change from straightedge to fruity pebbles?

"Hi, I decided to move from Div 4 to the dephs of Div 8 for a new challenge, I have learnt alot from my first job at straightedge and I will be putting everything Ive learnt into my new club, Fruity Pebbles. Some people may have thought that this was a very bad idea but I will do everything within my power to prove them all wrong."

What are your plans with Fruity pebbles during the next few weeks?

"well as you are fully aware I have been working hard on the wages here and I will continue to work at it during the next few weeks. Also I have had planning permission to add the last corner of the stadium and work has already started on it. I also am starting to view applcants for staff jobs within this club, and will start hiring a few new staff soon."

You mentioned the stadium, Why have you decided to expand although your current stadium isnt being filled?

"Well in time we will be filling it, there are alot of fruity pebble fans out there and once they see the positive signs in the club for its future they will lend there support to us and start filling our stands."

Are you looking to add to your squad at all?

"No, Not right now, We have some good players here who will improve very well, I have spoken to a few individuals who I am looking to sell soon as they both belong with a top premier team and both are very happy to hear I am looking to move them in the prem and have insured me that they will keep giving it there all for this club untill they leave."

Is there any chance you can name these individuals?

"No, Sorry but I will keep that to myself right now untill they are listed, I do not plan on making it too public anyways and will only be advertising them in the local area."

So does that mean that the players are only avalible to the premier teams in your local area?

"No, not at all, the players will go to the highest bidder, as long as personal terms are agreed, No matter where they are, But I will be advertising them only in the local area, Others will have to send scouts to find them."

Where do you see fruity pebbles in the future?

"Well I joined here in the hope of creating a superclub challenging on all fronts. I will not rest untill this is achieved. Once upon a time this club were ranked 4th in the world and my aim is to take them further than that and win everything possible."

So does this mean that you will stay with fruity pebbles for a long time? Or will you leave once things start going pear shaped?

"I wont be leaving, This is my club now and I wont be leaving untill I retire. No matter how bad things get I will fight for this club and will take them all the way. I can promise you this is my club for life now and theres no way I will be leaving."

Do you have any messages for a manager looking to take over your old club, straightedge?

"I just wish them the best of luck, I will be keeping a eye on them from time to time and see there progress, There is a big place in my heart for straightedge and I hope to meet them sometime in the future and test myself agenst a team I first built."

Ok and to close we must ask you who you look up to as a manager and who do you want to end up like?

"well it is very easy to say I want to end up like Zmeus and Eott but thats unrealistic. My aim is to be nothing like any other manager and be myself, I wont want to be compared to anyone else, and I will be noticed in time to come."

thats great, Many thanks for your time and we wish you sucess with your new club. Untill next time take care.

"Thankyou very much, I look forward to our next interview."

This concludes our interview with manager Jjack10, We hope you enjoyed the read and we look forward to hearing the progress of fruity pebbles in our next artical.

Thankyou all and goodbye.
by super49 1195 days 23 hrs ago
Well i can tell you that you have failed epicily!;)
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