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Manage and build your own football club from the ground up and lead your players to glory. Compete with thousands of real online football managers who want to win the football league title and become the top football manager. Enter your club into Football League Cup and Super Cup competitions. gives you full control over your football club and players. Buy and sell players on the transfer market or nurture youth players through your club's football youth academy. Increase the size of your football ground and get extra gate revenue. gives you the total experience of being a real football manager and it's free to play.
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Create your football club from the ground up and establish yourself as a football manager.

Enter a thriving online community of football clubs, managers, leagues and cup competitions.
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Manage every aspect of your football club from player transfers to squad training.

Employ scouts, coaches, physios, youth coaches and assistant managers to help you build a world class club.
Go head-to-head with thousands of football managers from all over the world.

Compete in leagues, cups and friendlies as you strive to establish yourself as the best football manager of all time.
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Latest Community Discussions
Professional football players are paid all year round. How do I know that?, I drink with some of them. Non-league/part time contracts completely are different. As for...
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The Masters
Up on the Shropshire hills at Church Stretton. Wonderful views! How about you?
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The Masters
No big secret - I was just overdoing my back swing which was making me opening the wrists and they weren't closing up on the downswing. Still a lot of work to do though as I'v...
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[double post]
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Players ARE paid in the off-season, the same way you are in most professions. They're in employment the full year round. I would have answered your question in the same way...
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Only if that were true ;) :p
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Game this Friday
Ipswich crown. Agg1 etc :biggrin:
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The Masters
Wow, that must have felt good - welcome to the middle and left of the fairway! Are you going to share the vital tip, Denny?
Off Topic
Also, I think people were just giving their own views on the subject which is what they're entitled to - that's what a forum is for. It has nothing to do with you being a fema...
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Regardless of whether this is realistic or not (and as we know realism often matters not a jot in IAG), the simple fact is that if you don't have to pay wages, neither does an...
General Discussions
Latest Football Blogs from the Community
submitted by alexknight2000 62 days 8 hrs 26 mins ago
The down side is we have been drawn against Bokata Juniors who have one the cup more times than can be mentioned. On the upside hoping for a sell out crwod and a good payday. You never know the ...
submitted by aidan_nmw 74 days 3 hrs 5 mins ago
And so, I have decided to return to the world of IAG. My previous adventures with other clubs (and accounts, yes I did play by the rules) have been less than successful bar the odd promotion or low...
submitted by rambocat 85 days 8 hrs 16 mins ago
"Luna Blue" is one of the original clubs from the launch of this version of Itsagoal on 27 October 2006. Its founding manager, "luna", promoted the club up in the Fortress League for 7 straight seaso...
submitted by michaeljp22 99 days 8 hrs 4 mins ago
Got a bit of a tough one , my team is going well in the league at the moment however ... My wage bill is spiralling out of control and I need to sell , do I sell my big players and risk no promotion o...
submitted by michaeljp22 142 days 8 hrs 34 mins ago
I find myself with that all too familiar feeling... once again it has come down to the last game of the season for me, and this is why I love this game, going into the great unknown tonight and I need...
submitted by michaeljp22 217 days 7 hrs 16 mins ago
Mod edit: Once again, the only place you are allowed to advertise players is in your local league transfer forum or on the Database specific forums on the main forums. Thank you
submitted by michaeljp22 221 days 11 hrs 14 mins ago
Mod edit: The only place you are allowed to advertise players is in your local league transfer forum or on the Database specific forums on the main forums. Thank you
submitted by michaeljp22 226 days 5 hrs 35 mins ago
May I be one in a long line of excited Arsenal fans to welcome the German international to arsenal and anticipate a season with intent and hopefully now with the added quality a trophy.... ok maybe st...
submitted by michaeljp22 230 days 7 hrs 20 mins ago
Hello guys Iím new to the game and having a great season thus far :) and know that the team I have at the moment is good enough to be in the division above, but....... can we maintain it there.... I h...
submitted by kapeesh67 233 days 15 hrs 40 mins ago
With Bishop Lancastrian climbing higher and higher into the dizzy heights of the Championship I have to ask myself one question: What about the Premiership? Sure, we have the capability to defea...

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